COVID-19 update

Please see our Terms & Conditions with regard to Covid-19  procedures prior to booking and arrival.

Scottish Government advice on Travel -“No COVID-19 travel rules apply for entering Scotland. Travel rules for people arriving from abroad ended in March 2022. All Covid rules and restrictions have been lifted in Scotland, but the virus has not gone away. COVID-19, colds and flu can spread more easily in the winter”.  for up to date information:

If you are feeling unwell  please seek  further assistance –

Useful information from Outer Hebrides Tourism prior to travel-

As members of the ASSC (Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers) we  have access to up to date information and have adopted their cleaning protocols.

On arrival:

  • We anticipate that entry to the cottage will be 4.30pm, for returning guests you may have been used to entry by 2.30/3pm, due to the additional cleaning required we can no longer guarantee this. Should the cottage be ready for you prior to 4.30pm we will phone you on your mobile.
  • On arrival make your way directly to the cottage.  On your arrival please give us a call on 01859550370/07884464190 and we will pop down to say hello.  We will email as much info as possible, on what to do, where to eat in advance of your visit. This will be available digitally on the cottage computer too. Please check local businesses social media pages for up to date information as some shops, restaurants, galleries will  reduce their opening times October to March. Many businesses will require booking in advance.

Covid-19 guidance on becoming symptomatic or confirmed positive during your stay can be found on this link and we will email you our procedures on booking.:

Further information and details on our procedures can be found in the “Prior to guest arrival letter” which you will receive prior to arrival.

Harris Golf Club– . If you wish to go onto the Golf course, there is a booking system on line, on their website – . Since July 2020 the Harris Golf Club no longer offer corporate membership to local businesses.

For up to date information please look at the following websites or FB pages:

Outer Hebrides Tourism (OHT)-Official tourism website in the Outer Hebrides

Scotgov –

NHS inform –

Local Authority for information relevant to the Islands –

Ferry operator to the islands – Calmac